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Anti-Heroin Chic A Horror Story; Persephone

Argot Magazine Helios Rising; Unsilenced; Civil War 

Argot Magazine "I Am Also a We: LA Pride in the Wake of Pulse Orlando"

Argot Magazine Myth; Sunset 

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Ekphrastic Review The Great Executioner

Fickle Muses An amorous vignette 

Graviton Lit Molten

Plumbago The Birth of Everything; Dreamsmith

Third Wednesday The Dock at Midnight; Curfew

Third Wednesday Crows

Junto Magazine Escape

(parenthetical) Heartbeats

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Women Write About Comics
     "Hellos and Hildebrand"
    "Levi-Strauss and Loki"
     "Who are YOU calling monster?"
     "A Helluva Thing: Serialized Death in Black Bolt"

     Issue 4 "Something Just Broke" on Mister Miracle
     Issue 5  "Creative Consumption” on Maxwell’s Demons
     Issue 7 "The Balloon Complicates Things" on Secret Weapons
     Issue 8 "You Are What You Eat" on Twisted Romance
     Issue 10 "Close your eyes, and Isola Rises" on Isola
     Issue 11 "Facing the Apocalypse" on Cold War
     Issue 12 "There's No Place Like Home" on Harrow County
     Issue 14 "A Bug is a Bug is a Bug" on Bug! The Adventures of Forager
Issue 15 “Man and Monster” on Immortal Hulk
Issue 16 “End the Endgame” on Giant Days
Issue 17 “A Familiar Game” on Marvel Knights 20th
Issue 18 “The Big Reveal” on My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies
Issue 20 “Reading Between the Lines” on Wyrd

“Try Not To Cuss” – Franklin Richards’ Rules for Reality in FF #23”


“The Palimpsest Approach: Addressing Contradiction and Repetition in the American Superhero Story” Stony Brook University, Stony Brook English Grad Conference, March 2019

“Don’t Get Eaten by a Tiger”: The Presentation and Safety of Othered Children in FF” East Lansing, Michigan, Comics Forum, February 2019

"A Helluva Thing: Serialized Death in Black Bolt" San Diego, San Diego Comic Con, Comics Arts Conference, July 2018

"The Neverending Story: Approaching Circular Narratives in Mainstream Comics" East Lansing, Michigan State University Comics Forum, Winter 2018

"Monstrous Disruptions: Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona as Girl and Monster" San Diego, San Diego Comic Con, Comics Arts Conference, July 2017

“To Raise and to Raze: Adolescent Revolution in Journey Into Mystery: The Manchester Gods” Anaheim, Wondercon, Comics Arts Conference, Spring 2017

“Dual Identities Within Circular Narratives: Marvel’s Loki as Trickster and Protagonist” Los Angeles, Wondercon, Comics Arts Conference , Spring 2016

“Tales of Armageddon: Witnessing and Recounting in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s Watchmen” Northridge, CSU Northridge, Comics and Visual Culture Symposium, Winter 2016