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Anti-Heroin Chic A Horror Story; Persephone

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Argot Magazine "I Am Also a We: LA Pride in the Wake of Pulse Orlando"

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Ekphrastic Review The Great Executioner

Fickle Muses An amorous vignette 

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Women Write About Comics
     "Hellos and Hildebrand"
    "Levi-Strauss and Loki"
     "Who are YOU calling monster?"
     "A Helluva Thing: Serialized Death in Black Bolt"

     Issue 4 "Something Just Broke"
     Issue 5  "Creative Consumption
     Issue 7 "The Balloon Complicates Things"
     Issue 8 "You Are What You Eat"
     Issue 10 "Close your eyes, and Isola Rises"
     Issue 11 "Facing the Apocalypse"
     Issue 12 "There's No Place Like Home"
     Issue 14 "A Bug is a Bug is a Bug"
Issue 15 “Man and Monster”
Issue 16 “End the Endgame”
Issue 17 “A Familiar Game”
Issue 18 “The Big Reveal”

“Try Not To Cuss” – Franklin Richards’ Rules for Reality in FF #23”


"A Helluva Thing: Serialized Death in Black Bolt" San Diego, San Diego Comic Con, Comics Arts Conference, July 2018

"The Neverending Story: Approaching Circular Narratives in Mainstream Comics" East Lansing, Michigan State University Comics Forum, Winter 2018

"Monstrous Disruptions: Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona as Girl and Monster" San Diego, San Diego Comic Con, Comics Arts Conference, July 2017

“To Raise and to Raze: Adolescent Revolution in Journey Into Mystery: The Manchester Gods” Anaheim, Wondercon, Comics Arts Conference, Spring 2017

“Dual Identities Within Circular Narratives: Marvel’s Loki as Trickster and Protagonist” Los Angeles, Wondercon, Comics Arts Conference , Spring 2016

“Tales of Armageddon: Witnessing and Recounting in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s Watchmen” Northridge, CSU Northridge, Comics and Visual Culture Symposium, Winter 2016